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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE
Mobile app solutions

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Dynamics 365 mobile app solutions by awisto

Nowadays it is a usual experience to sit in a train or subway full of people and nearly everybody is looking into their smartphones to maintain digital social contacts or looking for new, relevant, interesting or exciting information. Our society has become digital and mobile - what about your company?

Imagine a networked field service. Customer and sales data in the jacket pocket on the tablet. An order is signed, sent on the tablet and initiated directly by the office staff. Prepare for the next customer appointment quickly and effectively in the parking lot. Or maintain the visit documentation as long as the crucial details are still present. The route to the next customer is specified in an optimized manner.

Features of your own Dynamics 365 CE mobile app

Tailor-made always fits best. That is why more and more companies are opting for the variant of the Dynamics 365 app developed especially for the company. There are many reasons why these decisions create significant added value for your company.

  • The components and processes are optimally tailored to the processes
  • The UX design is designed in cooperation with your users
  • The app represents a company value that can be accounted for and can be written off over several years
  • The app can be expanded to include functionalities
  • You retain flexibility in choosing your technology in the company

Since processes and uses design were developed in cooperation with the users, the acceptance of such an application is of course very high right from the start. As the brand name suggests, Dynamics 365 CE is a very dynamic system that lives from constant further development. With your own app and a high level of user identification, the ideal conditions are created for a strong, lasting corporate solution that lives from the enthusiasm of the users and their feedback.

Convince yourself | Impressions of the individual awisto mobile app solutions for the Louis Widmer AG


The tour planners choice: Dynamics 365 mobile apps by Resco.NET

The Dynamics 365 app from Resco.NET offers significant extensions compared to the Microsoft standard app. The app has an extended customizing editor (Woodford). In this editor, forms and views of the app can be adapted at the user level. You can integrate existing fields in Dynamics 365 into the app and synchronize them bidirectionally.

A major advantage of the Resco Dynamics 365 app is the offline mode. The app saves the latest status locally on your device and synchronizes entered data as soon as you are connected to the Internet again.

Another strong feature is the integrated tour planning. In Resco's Dynamics 365 app, existing company data records can be displayed directly on a map via Google Maps. Companies can then be selected directly and added to an existing tour with a simple click. This is how you create or complement your day tours optimally. Other functions are:

  • Calendar, call & email tracking are available directly in the app
  • Barcode & QR code scanner and electronic signature are possible
  • Multimedia recordings can be created directly from the app and linked to data records
  • Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

Resco Webinar on available Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app solutions


The standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 App

Basic mobile working with Dynamics 365 is possible with Microsoft's basic mobile app solution. Therefore, Microsoft offers two different apps for this in the respective smartphone app stores:

  • Dynamics 365 for Tablets 
  • Dynamics 365 for Phone 

These apps offer the most important standard functions of Dynamics 365 Sales / Field Service. Users can get mobile access to data records, capture new records and can create notes and activities, such as tasks and phone calls. Latter is possible in offline mode and will be synchronised when going online next time.

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