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Dynamics 365 solutions
Pharma and Cosmetics industry

Gain a competitive edge via optimisation of your sales force with a digital and mobile CRM solution

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The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry thrives on professional sales and optimal shelf placement that . Therefore,  modern, mobile equipment and a professional approach of field staff is a decisive component for success as well as flexible and fast data availability. Give your sales force what it needs and with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution from awisto.

With Microsoft's Dynamics 365 solution you not only have mobile access to your contact and customer database, you can plan visits, create visit reports on site, store historical information directly on specific customers and inform colleagues.

One of the big advantages of Dynamics 365 is its all-rounder capability. The solutions include optimizations for both field and office staff. Thanks to cloud technology and common data model, your office staff can view and utilize data input from the field in real time. In combination with available market data, the back office can quickly and effectively determine demand and market potential and make recommendations for action. This is optimized sales in one piece.

Process solutions for the pharma and cosmetics industry

Flexible customer segmentation and assignment of characteristics 
Due to the integrated flexible customer segmentation tool, you can assign any number of attributes to your customers and built the basis for complex business intelligence analysis. Using additional rules for the time limit of the characteristics, these expire automatically if necessary. All characteristics can be used for fast and simple but detailed tour planning or for for marketing purposes like E-mail marketing via marketing lists.

Placement managemen, product presentation and shelf maintenance
The preparations and articles listed at the customer can easily be managed in Dynamics 365. Product presentations at customer's sites can be documented in the Dynamics App including a photo and additional features

Integrated analysis of market data of the pharmaceutical market 
Via an interface, current market data on turnover/sales per RPM segment can be transferred to Dynamics and are thus available for additional insights in territory evaluation and sales. In addition to the sales data of own preparations, sales of competitive preparations can also be imported. Configurable calculation rules are used to automatically convert the different package sizes so that the data is comparable

Condition information in real time
In the cosmetics market, customer-specific purchasing conditions can be called up in Dynamics. This way, your sales force can find out about the current purchase prices of your customer at any time. The customer-specific conditions are directly transferred from your ERP via an interface and updated daily.

Sample dispatches in the pharmaceutical sector can also be directly linked to company data records or visit reports through complete written and photo documentation.

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