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Dynamics 365 CE solutions
Medical technology industry

Integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform solutions 

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The medical technology industry in Germany was the second largest MedTech producer in the world. The very specific challenges facing the medical technology industry, such as short development cycles, ever shorter product cycles, strong competitive pressure and industry-specific trends such as hospital and clinic mergers and the trend towards group practices, make this industry an exciting and highly competitive environment. But do not worry - awisto offers you valuable support.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the medical technology industry, we can offer you sophisticated process solutions for your industry. Our solution completely covers the sales cycle from customer acquisition to order processing and after-sales service. High customer satisfaction and cost savings are lasting competitive advantages and can be achieved through structured sales and reliable service.

Process solutions for the medical technology industry

Device management and configuration history/customer device list 
Manage all equipment delivered to customers in Dynamics 365 and track all changes to the equipment, e.g. due to maintenance and repairs, such as configuration changes, software updates, replacement of serial or batch numbered parts. You have a comprehensive device file and can track and respond to specific software versions or spare parts at any time. In addition to the device base data and configuration data and the component list, the last and next dates for MTK or STK are also displayed. In addition to your own devices, relevant competitor devices can also be recorded and used for sales and marketing activities. 

Buying groups
In Dynamics 365 you can create, maintain and process inquiries, quotations, deliveries and returns, etc. from hierarchically structured companies, purchasing groups, supporting companies, etc.

Area Management 
Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of options for dividing up your field service territories, including geographical coordinates, self-defined regions or postcode-based areas.

Temporary or permanent equipment loans are managed in Dynamics. This gives you an overview of where each item of equipment is located, when the next STK or MTK is due and how long the loan is planned. In addition to loan positions, the module can of course also be used for the management of rental or leasing equipment. 

Sales process and visit documentation
Plan and document visits to your customers in Dynamics 365 so that you always have an overview of what has happened at the customer's premises. For visit preparation, extensive evaluations of the customer's turnover and sales, the current customer service requests and the status of the last quotations and orders are available at the push of a button. The visit targets and sales/turnover targets planned for this customer are compared with the current status and the ADM always has an overview of how his current target achievement is and can plan appropriate measures.

Extended customer administration
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can also map complex hierarchies within your customer structure. Whether hospitals with several departments, clinic associations or doctors' and group surgeries. Thanks to a multi-layered security model, even complex hierarchies in the customer structure can be ideally represented both on the contact data and internal access level.

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