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Route planning and visit reports in CRM
VisitPLUS for Dynamics 365 CE

Field service effectiveness and satisfaction | Visit reports directly and mobile in Dynamics 365 CRM

Digitales Arbeiten mit der mobile App awisto VisitPLUS für Dynamics365

Visit reports. Opinions are divided on them. An existence somewhere between an imposed duty and useful documentation, since our memories become blurred or less detailed or even fade with time. As an employer, you naturally want to emphasize the latter and make the process of visit documentation for important customer visits as extensive as necessary, but as enjoyable as possible.

With our digital visit reports, you always have an overview of what has gone on with the customer so far. Mobile working with Dynamics 365 and our add-on awisto VisitPLUS offer the perfect solution for this - visit reports have never been so easy and useful!

The Dynamics 365 add-on VisitPLUS is easy to install and configure and offers a simple user interface that has only one goal - to inspire the field service! Enable your field service to plan and document upcoming visits digitally and without changing software.

Thanks to the native integration with the Dynamcis 365 mobile app, data capture can be done easily, anywhere and anytime, preferably directly at the customer's site, when what is experienced is still fresh and unaltered, in a short time.


Optimized visit reports and route planning for mobile field service | The functions of awisto VisitPLUS

The tool can be easily and ideally customized to your needs and planning preferences. Experience shows that a visit logic based on ABC and XYZ customer ratings is popular in practice. This is also possible with awisto VisitPLUS.

  • Always keep the overview: Thanks to the included standard dashboards, the sales force always has an overview of tasks, visit reports and visit tours that are due this week. Thanks to the stored list views, it is easy to plan, organize and sort by overdue or approaching appointments.
  • Planning visit tours made easy: If desired, tours can be created automatically depending on the due date and the stored visit frequency. Daily tours, an entire week's planning or even monthly planning are possible. Of course, tours can also be planned user-defined. Tours can be planned depending on the fields "Last visit on" and/or "Visit frequency".
  • Less rework for more satisfaction: Completed visits are recorded in the CRM and a next due date is created depending on the stored customer preferences.
  • Quickly created but high quality visit reports: Yes, it is possible! When a visit is scheduled, a visit report is automatically created and can be conveniently filled on the spot if the information is still up-to-date and complete. This saves a lot of time, nerves and ensures data quality in the long run. The fields are arranged and laid out in such a way that the important things can be entered quickly one after the other via tab in a logical order.
  • Automatic notifications with e-mail notification: Announce visits easily, thanks to automated email notification to the field service and optionally also directly to the customer possible.
  • Outlook synchronization: Our Dynamics 365 tool saves your company a lot of time, as many fields can be filled automatically. Scheduled appointments are automatically entered into the calendar. Visit tours are automatically completed when a visit report has been completed for each visit on the tour.
  • Joint visits: with internal colleagues or external consultants, technicians or similar are also easily possible. Follow-up activities or tasks can also be created directly on the visit report and assigned directly to internal staff, a colleague in the field or, of course, yourself. Together with the activity, an e-mail is sent as a notification with the subject.
  • Expansion potential: Our add-on can of course be expanded on request, e.g. to include promotions, sales events, workshops or even serial appointment creation.
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The awisto VisitPLUS is a Dynamics 365 add-on with one goal: to make Dynamics 365 better than ever before! Our add-on is easily integrated into your existing Dynamics 365 solution. It only requires configuration according to your preferences to become operational. 

If there is a need for enhancements or customization, we will be happy to coordinate your wishes with you. For this, we recommend a joint video conference with key users and responsible persons. We are looking forward to your request.

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