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Uniform number formats in CRM
PhonePLUS for Dynamics 365 CE

Increase data quality in the company in the long term thanks to uniform number formats | For all Dynamics 365 systems

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With awisto Phone PLUS, the number format for telephone and fax addresses in CRM is unified and a standard is created that not only guarantees the function of the telephone and fax systems, but also ensures the data quality in CRM and thus in the company in the long term.

  • At the same time, the add-on is future-proof because the standardized number formats are optimized for all current communication channels. In particular, services for online telephony such as
  • Skype & Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Discord

Benefit from standardized number formats. So you go into the next Skype or Teams meeting optimally prepared, with the certainty behind you that you will end up where you are needed.


The advantages of awisto PhonePLUS at a glance | Uniform format for numbers in all Dynamics 365 systems

Our add-on awisto PhonePLUS clearly focuses on optimal usability with minimal initial effort.

The country types DACH are already stored and adjust each newly entered number. On request, we are also happy to add other favorite countries. The simplified entry of numbers becomes active directly for all users and supports in case of incorrect entries with a clear dialog box that guides users to the correct entry. Calling home has never been easier.

The advantages at a glance

  • Numbers are saved only in standard format in CRM according to DIN 5009.
  • The tool is easy to use via mouse or directly via TAB key.
  • Numbers are stored in the following format: country code + area code + number + extension number.
  • Intelligent presetting of country codes in international format
  • Whether directly from CRM or via the integrated telephone system. We connect. Request your trial version now.

Easy initial installation into your Dynamics 365 system

  • Our add-on is easily integrated into your existing Dynamics 365 solution as a managed solution and only requires configuration.
  • At the beginning, the desired entities are selected and the PhonePLUS add-on is directly integrated by us.
  • On the selected entities, the function "awisto PhonePLUS" is now easily and pleasantly accessible in the toolbar directly with a mouse click.
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