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Dynamics 365 CE (CRM)

Take a huge step towards paperless office trough dynamic word documents & PDFs directly out of Dynamics 365 CRM

How many documents are generated in companies - orders, order confirmations, invoices, reports, reports and much more. Orders can be very large and have a large number of items. Orders consist of a large number of individual components, subcontracts or even contain collective orders or employee expenses. 

With the awisto OfficeIntegration you can automatically create dynamic, highly complex documents within seconds. Through intelligent workflows generated reports, orders or invoices can be sent directly to contacts, customers or business partners via e-mail. Document creation has never been easier.

Artwork of cloud technology and business people

Countless, complex documents are generated in your company every day? Glad, when we can help you

  • awisto OfficeIntegration creates all relevant documents such as offers, order confirmations and invoices quickly and easily in your chosen corporate design. Your documents can contain any amount of data from CRM and can be linked to various objects. Data is pulled automatically into your developed XML-documents.
  • In addition, the documents can be processed directly as notes or e-mail attachments. Perfect for your daily correspondences with cusomters or colleagues
  • No matter if you generate offers, e-mails, invoices, reminders, reports, product information or complex contracts - the possibilities for saving time are virtually unlimited
  • Integrated Data management since the OfficeIntegration can group and sum up data
  • Even complex layout requirements such as integrated tables can be inserted into templates

Main functions of the awisto OfficeIntegration

The OfficeIntegration is able to directly create complex PDF documents and generate Word documents from dynamic Word templates from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Thanks to the possible full integration in SharePoint and Outlook, OfficeIntegration is optimally positioned to accompany you on the way to digital office

  • Adjustable security authorizations
  • Archiving and distribution of documents in Dynamics 365 by simply attaching them as notes directly in data records
  • Can be combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows and custom entities
  • Easy creation of templates by the specialist user in the CI of your company
  • Execution with just a few mouse clicks in the function bar directly on selected main forms
  • FetchXMLDataSet queries possible
  • Dynamically generate documents with inforation from various entites
  • Integrates fully into Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power Automate 
  • Mail merge functionality
  • Mass production of documents, e.g. Invoice history, contracts with various plants etc.
  • Offline functionality: Office integration can be used fully offline with Dynamics 365 On-Premise systems
  • Save your logos / images etc. in Dynamics 365 and place them on the desired documents
  • Thanks to the data source base in I118n format, complex queries against multiple entities can be designed. The queries generate an XML document, which in turn can be used by Word

Detailed technical information can be found in the technical manual

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