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Simply copy data records
CopyPLUS for Dynamics 365 CE

Limit daily effort by simply copying data records | Effectiveness in companies arises in everyday life

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Simply reuse existing structures. Thanks to the extensive copy functions of awisto CopyPLUS, you can reuse the most important data records in your company's everyday life, such as constantly recurring standard documents like offers, invoices or contracts, within seconds and adapt only the necessary information.

  • Newly created data records are saved under a new name and you can continue working.
  • The application possibilities with awisto CopyPLUS are simple and diverse thanks to the mass processing.

We are convinced that user acceptance is one of the most important factors for the sustainable success of a business software. Only if an add-on is also easy to use and makes everyday work easier will it really be accepted by users and can become the company standard. The issuing of individual certificates after a training, the new creation of a product range with various packing units or the copying of offers including offer items.

We will gladly advise you on your further possibilities with awisto and our PLUS add-ons.


The advantages of the Dynamics 365 Add-On awisto CopyPLUS at a glance | Copying records has never been easier

The awisto CopyPLUS is a Dynamics 365 add-on with only one goal: to save valuable time.
And we achieve this goal regularly and impressively with these functions:

The advantages at a glance

  • Any records in any Dynamics 365 system can be copied
  • The criteria for the copy scope can be predefined per entity and save even more time
  • Fields, relationships (1:1, 1:N & M:N) and the title of documents can be copied
  • Multiple copies are of course also possible
  • Each newly created record opens in a new tab in the browser and can be edited easily and effectively.
  • Changes made are already present directly in new new copies and do not require further attention.

Easy initial installation into your Dynamics 365 system

  • Our add-on is easily integrated into your existing Dynamics 365 solution as a managed solution and only requires configuration according to your preferences to become operational. 
  • At the beginning, the desired entities are selected and the add-on CopyPLUS is directly integrated by us.
  • On the selected entities, the function "awisto CopyPLUS" is now easily and pleasantly accessible in the toolbar directly with a mouse click.
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Tobias Heck

Sales Manager

We will be happy to advise you and answer your open questions.

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