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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Digital Marketing and individual customer journeys meet intelligent lead-scoring-models

Marketing Arbeitstisch

Ideal development of your CRM contacts
With Dynamics 365 Marketing, Microsoft has created a powerful online software for true digital marketing. The online marketing tool is based on working with known private or business contacts. If the module is used together with Dynamics 365 Sales, both modules share a common contact database. This means that all known, active contacts in the CRM can be used for marketing campaigns.

Goal of the Dynamics 365 Marketing Module 
The primary goal is the qualification of rudimentary contacts to complete contacts for sales. The focus of the online marketing tool is not only on complete contact data, but above all on identifying the needs of the potential customer. Leads in Dynamics 365 Marketing therefore represent unqualified contacts without known needs. If you use the full potential of Dynamics 365 and also use the Sales module, sales opportunities are automatically created.

Main functions of the Dynamics 365 Marketing module

At the heart of the Marketing Module are the many functions that make the daily challenges in marketing easier:

  • Through definable triggers, leads can be qualified as potential customers via various marketing measures.
  • Granular segmentation - Use intelligent combinations of contact information for ideal segmentation.
  • Contacts are guided through interactions such as e-mail campaigns, newsletter subscriptions or through your own customer journey.
  • Complex Customer Journeys - Use the editor to develop branched and complex marketing paths.
  • Lead scoring models - Define a scoring system and automatically qualify leads through interactions.

Synergies and potentials of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Integration in Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Sales share the same contact and accounts data. Changes to the master data can therefore be made bidirectionally.

However, the understanding of leads is slightly different:

  • In Dynamics 365 Sales, leads are primarily qualified in sales opportunities. Contacts and company contacts can also be added during lead qualification, but the goal is to qualify the sales opportunity to an order.
  • In Dynamics 365 Marketing, rudimentary contacts are used as leads to qualify these contacts for sales. The Customer Journey guides contacts along defined paths to enable optimal qualification depending on the type of contact.

Dynamics 365 AI Market Insights

You want full control over your marketing campaigns?

Digital marketing is already a reality thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Qualify leads with intelligent marketing, design and control your own customer journeys and automate your email marketing. Of course, your companies and contacts from Dynamics 365 Sales synchronize seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 Marketing module.

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awisto is your experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner

Whether simple e-mail marketing or complex customer journeys - we design a marketing concept for the future with you. Benefit from Microsoft's immense investments in the area of AI and social marketing. Contact us today to take the first step towards successful digital marketing in your company.


Pricing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The pricing model of Dynamics 365 Marketing is different from other Dynamics 365 modules. It is not based on a user license model, but on the number of contacts you use for marketing.

We will be happy to advise you on the ideal price/performance ratio for using Dynamics 365 Marketing in your company. The goal is clear - the greatest possible success at the lowest possible cost.

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