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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights


Microsoft impressively demonstrates what is already possible today with the support of artificial intelligence. The add-on Sales Insights is primarily aimed at sales managers, regional managers and sales staff with highly qualified customer contacts and a large number of sales opportunities and orders to be managed. Through the intelligent support, you always keep the overview, reduce the time required for the daily necessary measures to a minimum and receive insights and information that will give you a real sympathy and competitive advantage with the customer.

Features of D365 SI

  • Personalisation of customer relations: Suggestion function for individual and relevant discussion topics
  • Mood analysis in your own company: Tracking the perception of your company on the net via sentiment analysis
  • AI-based recommendation of the "Next Best Action": Get recommendations for risky projects
  • Follow-Up reminders on the home page
  • Intelligent lead and opportunity scoring: preconfigured, editable prediction models
  • Machine learning generates a company-specific success probability model
  • AI-based proposal function for integrable content for e-mails
  • Intelligent evaluation of Microsoft Exchange connections to establish new connections and relationships

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Thanks to the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and business intelligence (BI), your contact centre will have a clear picture of what and why it is happening or what could happen and how best to deal with it. The AI model used by Customer Service Insights learns proactively from user gestures and optimizes itself over time, for each individual customer. Best of all, the AI features are standard and no AI knowledge is required to use them.

Features of D365 CSI

  • Proactive machine learning
  • Multilingual query management and intelligent pre-selection
  • Intelligent analysis of existing support data records to proactively identify possible service issues with high revenue potential per customer
  • Optimization of the customer experience through forward-looking service management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

The basic idea of Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights is to create an easy-to-use, flexible customer data platform (CDP) to gain insight into customer behavior and preferences. Realize your vision of a customer-centric business and gain valuable insights into the interests, activities and preferences of your customer companies. AI-based customer profiles are automatically created from the insights gained. The goal is to optimize the customer experience in order to increase the customer lifecycle value in the long term.

Features of D365 CI

  • Ready-to-go CDP
  • Generate complex customer profiles using AI by integrating target group information from Microsoft Graph
  • In-depth segment analyses
  • Machine learning templates to predict predictive actions and optimal contact times
  • Integration of Microsoft Azure services and tools
  • Self-Service Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)
  • DSGVO-compliant security and corporate government control tools
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